Our Story

Nationwide Environmental Services (NES), a division of Joe’s Sweeping, Inc., is one of the largest street sweeping companies in the nation. Through ceaseless dedication, founder Joe Samuelian, who started sweeping parking lots in 1968, created a company that has served over 50 municipalities throughout California. The company’s success lies in its mission statement: to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with quality services using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technologies.

By implementing this mission statement to every service provided, NES has not only created a cleaner environment, but has also inspired the true beauty of every municipality to shine.

Our extensive fleet of sweeping and cleaning vehicles continues to maintain municipalities, residential communities, homeowner’s associations (HOA), business parks, parking facilities, construction sites, private companies, various unified school districts and transportation authorities. Our current contracts cover street sweeping services within the Greater Los Angeles Area and the surrounding areas of Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties, serving over 1.5 million citizens.

NES implements only the most technologically advanced softwares and employs the most experienced and dedicated management and personnel. Through this dedication to excellence, NES proactively addresses the needs of the communities we serve.

Our clean and efficient street sweeping services enhance a community’s appearance and consistently ensure a cleaner environment in which to reside and work. This type of environment promotes community pride and helps increase property values.

At NES, we realize the importance of a clean and dependable fleet. This is why our vehicles are routinely cleaned and inspected to make sure they provide the highest level of service. Our equipment technicians are highly qualified and every operator is a trained professional. Everyone at NES is dedicated to keeping our fleet on the road and on time. Here at NES, great service is our priority, and we are serious about keeping your community clean.